No matter how old your dad or father figure may be, he’ll never outgrow that giddy feeling of unboxing a present (or accepting an unexpected hug, if you’re so inclined). Whether that’s a gift card to his favorite vegan-friendly brewery or an at-home kombucha brewing setup, here are 23 vegan gifts to make your dad light up on Father’s Day.

The best vegan gift ideas for Father’s Day


1 SOMA Brew Bottle

For the coffee snob on the go, this insulated brew bottle will let Dad have the freshest cup of coffee on the go (with his preferred fair-trade grind, of course). The sleek design will keep his cuppa hot (or cold) for hours, which means he never has to settle for a chain coffee shop when he has a fresh brew in hand.
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2 DuraCeramic Air-Fryer  

Air fryers are worth the hype. This multipurpose appliance can quickly prep a healthy plant-based meal in about 20 minutes. Consider pairing the gift with a few printed air-fryer recipes to open your dad’s mind to the wonder and abundance of the air-frying world. This compact Oster model stands out for its five-star reviews and a unique tilt motion for even cooking.
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3 FlexiSpot Standing Desk

Ideal for the dad that works from home, this convertible desk can be lowered to seating or raised to standing to break up the workday. Have a bit more to spend? Pair this gift with an adjustable ergonomic chair for the total package (you can always ask more loved ones to chip in for a cool group gift!).
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4 Really good coffee

As a follow-up to the brew bottle, dads who run on caffeine may appreciate a high-quality bag of coffee beans. If he’s a regular at a local coffee shop, stop by yourself and purchase a bag or two of their bean selection. Don’t ask for it ground—the fresher the grind, the better the brew.
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VegNews.veganfathersdaygifts.mattandnatMatt and Nat

5 Matt and Nat Briefcase

Finding a great-looking vegan leather briefcase is no small task. This model stands up to the beating of a city while also showing off a professional style that is sure to impress any boss or client.
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6 VegNews Meal Planner

If your dad is curious about going plant-based but isn’t exactly sure where to start, our VegNews meal planner can help. The program includes personalized meal planning, approachable recipes, and optional grocery delivery.
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7 Vitamix 

Everyone needs a high-quality blender, and the Vitamix is the gold standard. Like the air-fryer, once you use it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. They’re not cheap—prices range between $260 to $599 depending on the model, but they’ll last a decade. If you need to save a few dollars, buying a certified refurbished model is the way to go.
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8 Miomojo Ulisse Backpack

If your dad isn’t a briefcase guy, this cool vegan backpack will more than do the trick. Perfect for office casual or traveling, this bag comes with tons of pockets to carry everything he needs. 
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9 Bombas socks

It’s a bit of a joke gift, but there’s no denying that everyone gets plenty of use out of a pair of socks. Bombas makes a range of vegan-friendly comfy socks for any occasion—be it office attire or performance gear. Note: not all socks are vegan; some are made with wool. Fortunately, you can sort by material and avoid any animal-based options.
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10 LUSH Gift Set

LUSH products are gender-neutral, but the vegan-friendly brand does offer a collection of dad-centric products around Father’s Day. Choose from products like herbal body spray, cucumber shower gel, and citrusy bath bombs.
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VegNews.veganfathersday.hydroflaskHydro Flask

11 Hydro Flask

Make sure your dad is ultra-hydrated with this industrial-sized reusable water bottle; some of the larger models can double as a dumbbell! Save the planet from plastic water bottles and give your dad a makeshift kettlebell all-in-one.
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12 Daylite Hiker Boots

If your dad is a fan of Vibrams, he’ll love these minimal yet supportive vegan hiking boots. The sole allows the wearer to feel the ground, enhancing the experience in nature while also ensuring there are no slips and slides off the mountain. Scramble trails, bring it on.
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13 Ritual Zero-Proof Spirits

The alcohol-free trend hasn’t let up, but that doesn’t mean the taste for a good cocktail has diminished. Ritual’s zero-proof whiskey, tequila, and gin offer the same flavor profile without the alcohol. They’re a great addition to any home bar cart.
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14 WV Oakes Cross Running Trainers

Fuel your dad’s running addiction with these running shoes. Developed by three-time world record holder and ultramarathoner Fiona Oakes, these shoes will make his feet fly on the road or the trails. Ten percent of all sales go toward the Fiona Oakes’ Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary.
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15 VegNews Subscription

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a subscription to our award-winning magazine. From vegan news to innovative recipes and more, our magazine can help your dad get a glimpse into the vegan world.
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VegNews.veganfathersdaygifts.karmabakerKarma Baker

16 Something sweet

Moms aren’t the only ones who appreciate a celebratory baked good. If your dad has a sweet tooth, send him something to delight his taste buds. As a result of the pandemic, dozens of vegan bakeries ship their products. From cookies to doughnuts to six-inch cakes, there are plenty of ways to treat your dad to something sweet.
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17 YETI Cooler

This is the brand that made insulation cool. From water bottles to coolers, YETI is the brand to get. Whether your dad is into camping, RVing, or simply relaxing at the beach, the YETI line of top-notch hard and soft coolers is a must-have accessory.
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VegNews.mealkits.PurpleCarrotPurple Carrot

18 Vegan meal subscription

Several companies make heat-and-eat products while others gently encourage customers to get in the kitchen and cook for themselves using pre-measured ingredients. To find the perfect kit for your dad, check out our comprehensive guide to vegan meal kits (we literally tried them all).
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VegNews.veganfathersdaygifts.thefarmstandThe Farmstand

19 Lettuce Grow urban farmstand

For the dads who like to fantasize about building their own hydroponic system, this compact farmstand makes that dream a reality. The aesthetically pleasing structure works both indoors and outdoors, and the stands can grow between 12 to 36 individual edible plants depending on the model. It’s ideal for the dad who is looking for a small, rewarding hobby that doesn’t take up too much time.
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VegNews.veganfathersdaygifts.veganwinesVegan Wines

20 Wine club membership

Does your dad know that not all wines are vegan? Spare him the guesswork and gift him a Wine Club membership to Vegan Wines. He’ll receive a box of six hand-picked wines four times a year, and there’s an option to add gourmet vegan cheese to the delivery. Perhaps he’ll share!
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VegNews.veganfathersdaygifts.thepizzaplantThe Pizza Plant

21 Vegan pizza and beer

No frills, straightforward, and 100 percent chance of winning the day with this gift. Ship your dad a box of meaty, vegan The Pizza Plant pizzas and drop off a six-pack of his favorite vegan beer (you can’t go wrong with Golden Road or Modern Times). While still an edible gift, it’ll last longer than treating him to a single dinner out.
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22 Vegan cooking course

In-person cooking classes—particularly plant-based ones—aren’t always accessible, but Rouxbe offers in-depth vegan online cooking courses online for all who are seriously into food. From an introductory module to bread baking 101, there’s something for every dad who loves to cook.
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VegNews.veganfathersdaygifts.tinsbeermustardTin’s Mustard

23 Tin’s Beer Mustard (and other snacks)

Fancy condiments are fun to browse but a pain to purchase. Most will pick up an intriguing jar of beer mustard but have second thoughts—is it really worth $9? When it’s a gift, it certainly is. Create the ultimate dad snack bag with this fantastic condiment and throw in hard pretzels, chips, and his favorite hummus brand. 
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